(To Help Less Fortunate Families this Holiday Season)
(Rock 4 Opportunities) Friends of Rock 4 X-MAS Foundation needed to make phone calls, post flyers, send emails to get the word out.
Contact us at (774)-994-2624 or morrison51@aol.com

Rock 4 X-MAS is a seasonal holiday charity event. We do not discriminate against any religions or holiday practices.
(The smallest deed done is better than the greatest of intentions)
Rock 4 X-MAS Foundation will continue to implement every thought that might help 1 person along our path.
On a Clear Night. Written By Chris Ingraham
Performed by Eddie Money.
Produced by Wayne Morrison. We worked on this one together..
I will miss my dear friend.
Thanks to everyone who has written or called in. My Love back to all of you!

Written By Chris Ingraham. Performed by The Rock 4 XMAS All Stars.

$5.00 for cd
$3.00 for
Padded Envelope
$5.00 for cd
$3.00 for
Padded Envelope

Rock 4 X-MAS is actively seeking grant writers,
if you are one or know of one
please contact morrison51@aol.com
Thanks the Rock 4 X-MAS Staff

Rock 4 X-MAS Volume 1 CD Samples
Volume 1
Rock 4 X-MAS Volume 2 CD Samples
Volume 2
Rock 4 X-MAS Volume 3 CD Samples
Volume 3
Rock 4 X-MAS Volume 4 CD Samples
Volume 4

To Buy Stock or
Bulk Reorder CDs
Email: Wayne Morrison
Disks will be only $15, &
100% of the proceeds will go to
help less fortunate families
this Christmas!!!!!
Rock 4 X-MAS Mission Statement
Thumbnail Image: Wayne The Rock 4 X-MAS Foundation was initially started in 1996. The foundation design is to bring food, gifts & holiday spirit to less fortunate families. This is done during the holiday season each year. The fund raising is done through donations of food and gifts of all sorts. We also spread good cheer and try to raise money each year by doing concerts around the country. We have been recognized by the Federal Government with 509(a)2 tax exempt status. We invite one and all to be part of our national campaign this season to help less fortunate families across the United States of America.