Dear Mr. Morrison: Thank you and the foundation for the gifts and clothes for our clients at the women`s center. Your generosity is greatly appreciated and your help is particularly critical to our clients at this time of year.

This year marks 35 years of serving our community and helping victims of violence, abuse and trauma. Your contribution to the Women's Center gives hundreds of women, men, children and families the courage to break away from abuse and start a new life free from domestic violence. We could not do this work without help of our community.

Your gift changes lives. When you give to the Women's Center you are helping someone gain control over their life. Please read this note sent from a client during this holiday season that shows how much they appreciate your support. You should also know that your donation helps leverage hundreds of thousands of dollars in state and federal grants as part of the 25% match the Women's Centere is required to raise each year.

Thank you for being a caring partner in our work to open a door to a future free from violence and appreciating the vital role The Women's Center plays in our communities.

Pamela Macleod - Lima

Merry Christmas to you also, It was my pleasure, I had a great time. I hope you were able to raise lots of money for those less fortunate families. I'd be happy to help if you have anything that comes up in the future.

keep in touch,

It was my pleasure and a total joy to be a part of. I look forward to seeing you again, too.
Merry Christmas!!!
Peace & Love, Terri =:)

Edit Joe & Nite Crue Studio for all your years of support!

 Hi guys,

I would also like to take the opprotunity to thank each of you for a wonderful time.

You are all great musicians, and wonderful people. It's been a trip to remember.

 If any of you need anything, just give a call. I'm there on the double.

Thanks again boys.  Have a safe and happy holiday season.  And good luck to you... 


Hi Guys

I just wanted to say thanks to you guys for a great time. And to Wayne, thank you for the opportunity to meet and jam with some great people. Hopefully this event was a success for you and those in need will be able get some help that they would not have gotten during this Holiday season.

Hope you all have a great Christmas and Holiday Season!

God Bless!


Hi Wayne, I just wanted to say thank you for such a great show.  I know things got a little crazy & stressful for awhile but you'd never know it.

I had a great time!

April Powers

Mr. Morrison,
            Thank you for the donation of T-Shirts.  I am sure that the children will appreciate them.


R.J. Strangis III

Site Coordinator for the Afterschool Program

From The Women's Center’s

Dear Wayne,

Thank you so much for the donation of CDs, toys and Wrestling T-Shirts for The Women’s Center.  The T-shirts are especially welcome as it is very difficult to fill the wishes of our young teenage boys and they will really appreciate your generosity.

The Women’s is the only domestic violence, rape crisis center and child trauma program in the Southcoast area offering comprehensive services to victims, survivors and the general public. The Center’s mission of preventing oppression and violence through empowering individuals to regain control of their lives is enacted through the agency’s six programs:  Domestic Violence Program, Sexual Assault Program, Child and Adolescent Trauma Program, Prevention Education and Community Outreach, Substance Abuse/Mental Health/Domestic Violence Specialized Shelter and Housing Stabilization Program.


Additional agency projects target specialized populations - an Incarcerated Battered Women’s Project (collaboration with Bristol County House of Correction), group counseling for teens in the Parenting Teens Program, at New Bedford High School, and groups for developmentally-delayed adults. The Center is particularly attuned to the special needs of underserved populations in our community, including the low/moderate income population, the Latino/Latina and Portuguese communities, the Mayan/ Guatemalan population, immigrants and refugees and other non-English-speaking victims. Direct services, as well as outreach and education, are multilingual. 


For 35 years, The Women's Center has provided comprehensive services, advocacy and support to the women, men and children who are victims of domestic violence and sexual assault.  We could not do this work without the help of our community


Your generosity will make the Holidays bright for children and teens who otherwise may go without presents this year. Thank you for being a caring partner in our work to open “a door to a future free from violence” and for appreciating the vital role The Women’s Center plays in our communities. 

Thanks J.K Northrup for his contribution of the Grinch for our new Rock 4 X-MAS CD.

Cindy "Rodeo" Steedle
          Look for her song on the new Rock 4 X-MAS CD and see her at select shows. (Performers are subject to scheduling)